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A group for language learners and teachers, where ESL students can get help with their studies, teachers can exchange ideas, tips and resources in connection with language teaching, and ESL site owners can promote their sites and discuss questions of web based language teaching and related topics.


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Anyone interested in the group's activity can post messages (comments, questions, suggestions, etc.) and receive group mail without having to register as a member.
If you would like to have access to the group's web features (file and picture downloads, message archives, links, chat, etc.), you must register as a member. (If you don't have a Yahoo ID currently, you can create one on registering.)
When you register, you may be asked to write a few words about yourself before you become an active member. (If you have an ESL site, posting the site's URL, which we check, is enough for getting approved.)

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Topics being discussed at the moment or to be discussed soon:
  • Education systems in different countries
  • Traditional vs new methods in grammar and vocabulary skill development
  • Graded readers vs authentic texts in ESL teaching
  • Problems of creating interactive exercises on the web





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