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Recommended ESL / EFL sites

    English Club -  ESL communities worldwide

    English Zone -  all kinds of learning and teaching material, interactive exercises, printable worksheets, etc.

    Using English -  English language learning online - resources for learning the English language for ESL, EFL, ESOL, and EAP students and teachers

    Word Surfing -  a vocabulary learning strategy which encourages students to develop good language habits by keeping well-organized and personal notebooks.

    CALL 4 All - World CALL Directory -  a virtual encyclopedia of all major language learning links, web dictionaries and computer-assisted language learning organizations in the world. A large collection of Asia-related language study links.

    ESL Galaxy -  ESL lesson plan materials, printable worksheets & games for teaching English skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing, interactive grammar & vocabulary exercises for students.

    English Media Lab -  ESL interactive exercises, English grammar & vocabulary quizzes, video slides, pronunciation exercises, mp3 podcasts and more.

    ESL Kids Lab -  ESL lesson plan materials for kids, worksheets, English videos, lessons for children, phonics, colouring, puzzles and more.

    ESL Downloads -  ESL lesson plan materials, printable worksheets & games for teaching English skills, speaking, listening, reading and writing, interactive grammar & vocabulary exercises for students.

    Nonstop English -  unique educational tool for ESL/EFL learning and teaching.

    English Forum -  the web portal for students and teachers of English (ESL/EFL)

    Breaking News English Daily -  ESL's most up-to-date News English resource. Daily, still-hot Current Affairs lessons & FREE. 100% copiable. Over 20 communicative ideas per lesson. Saves planning. Energizes classrooms, and teachers. As the news breaks, teach it.

    Free English -  learn English and have fun

    Parapal Online -  a wide variety of interactive English grammar, listening and reading exercises. -  ESL go provides free online English grammar and vocabulary classes based on Harry Potter, the stock market, music, and other interesting topics. There are also English practice message boards. The Resources for ESL and EFL teachers include business English, speaking activities, and lesson plans.

    Real English -  free English language teaching videos online.

    Your English Online -  an award winning English language teaching website offers quizzes, grammar activities on weekly basis. The site aims to improve your everyday, business, workplace, and exam English.

    ESL Language Center -  INTERLINK's ESL Resource Center provides free English lessons, exercises, games and links for learners and teachers of English.

    English Daily -  Learn English every day.

    Teach Yourself English -  Easy-going, friendly English teaching aid. Conversation, songs, quiz, literature. Suitable for teachers and students alike.

    ESL Blue(s) -  English as a foreign or second language; interactive quizzes, readings, games for students learning English providing multi-feedback, instant correction and diagnostic tests

    English for Professional Communication -  created at the English Centre, University of Hong Kong to help university students improve English skills necessary to communicate in a professional setting (business letters, e-mail, telephoning, reporting, interviewing, presentation, etc.)

    Karin's ESL Partyland -  interactive quiz centre, discussion forum, links

    English behind the Scenes -  ready-made exercises based on the latest films, together with teacher's notes and table of contents.

    Focus English -  everyday English listening

    Many Languages, One World at -  Free Guide to 700 idioms, slang, phrasal verbs, and proverbs, short stories, and other materials for learning English.

    Blue Book of Grammar -  An on-line English grammar and punctuation reference guide including exercises with answers

    SAT Preparation -  Over 3,000 multiple choice questions divided into 21 groups + a database browser to review and print the questions and the correct answers.

    Auto-English -  free interactive and print-out exercises to learn English, including grammar, idioms, phrasal verbs, slang and typical mistakes

    Learn English Now -  exercises, grammar, vocabulary, etc.

    English Maze -  a website for ESL/EFL learners and teachers of English with dynamic speaking, listening, reading, writing, grammar and pronunciation activities, chat rooms, discussion boards, e-pal database, e-cards, lesson plans and more.

    English the Easy Way -  Grammar explanations and practice exercises. Anyone can study English here; the site explains English, so that everybody can understand.

    Learn English Online Free -  at Kinglishschool.


Resources and forums

     The Best on the Web for Teachers - The Web Portal for Educators - lots of links with lots of resources

    The Internet TESL Journal -  one of the largest collections of ESL/EFL exercises, articles, resources, lesson plans, links, etc.

    English Resources -  teaching and revision resources (Britain)

    Free Resources for English Teaching -  Secondary English teaching resources, lesson plans and schemes of work for teachers of English language and literature (Britain)

     Sites for Teachers - educational web sites, lesson plans, free worksheets, e-books

    One Stop English -  lesson plans, downloadable worksheets, tutorials, forum, e-lesson warehouse, related websites, TEFL jobs, etc. (Britain)

    Inside Out -  weekly lessons on topical themes

    Reward English -  monthly lessons on cultural topics including festivals and celebrations

    Cambridge ESOL On-line -  the website of the University of Cambridge English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) with full information on all of the Cambridge ESOL examinations and tests, as well as the latest news from Cambridge.

    Language Guide - a collaborative project that aims to make available extensive free resources for learning languages.

    English 4 U - ESL Lesson Plans -  Free, ready-to-use ESL lesson plans for English language teachers based on current news stories and lyrics of popular songs.

    English-to-go - Instant Lessons -  A searchable, on-line library of 100's of printable, photocopiable English lessons. Elementary to advanced. Each lesson comes complete with teachers' notes and answer keys, news articles, pre-reading activities, reading comprehension and grammar exercises, games, role plays or discussions.

    Watch Education - education resources list for colleges, online learning, online course, early childhood, home schooling, education subjects, etc.

    English Raven - educational resources and meterials for teachers of ESL/EFL to young learners.

    Verbocity - an online, sure-fire vocabulary builder that covers the 7,000 most used and useful words in the English language. Target words are introduced in the context of classical literature and systematic reinforcement produces retention rates in excess of 90%.

    Top English Teaching - Database of English teaching resources: games, worksheets, songs, lesson plans, etc.

    MES-English -  ESL / EFL resources for teachers of young learners - free flash cards, phonics cards, game cards, and activities for teachers of young learners. All materials are ready for printing, designed for conversation exercises and easy to find. No registration. No hassels. Just print and go.

    Nellie's English Projects -  content based lessons designed to provide students and teachers with clear instructions on how to write and present research papers. Students are evaluated for the process as well as for the final product. - education resources on the Internet

    To Learn English -  free materials to learn or teach English for ESL/EFL learners and teachers (grammar, exercises, courses, interactive pages)

    English Online -  a New Zealand site for English teachers with fully resourced teaching units, links to sites, an internet tutorial, projects for students and a discussion forum

     ESL City - a great number of worksheets, flashcards, reading and question topics, board and card games for the English classroom.

    ICAL -  the smart way to learn - teaching English as a foreign language

    Teaching.Com -  free, non-commercial educational web services for educators and students

    Teaching Treasures -  online activities, projects, free worksheets, teacher resources and ideas

    Teachers' Resources -  lesson plans and exercises, EFL / ESL teacher training and jobs

    A Byte of Language -  English teaching resources + online exercises (with Hot Potatoes)

    Learn English -  Learn and explore the English language with topics such as poetry, stories, medical and business English, letter writing, grammar, vocabulary, essay composition and general chit chat. Learn English with online help from volunteer teachers all over the world.

    Business Vocabulary and Expressions -  Idioms and vocabulary related to business. Includes a page on Presentation Skills.

    AMACWAY Resources -  Educational resources, suitable for all levels of students with worksheets, manuals, workbooks and CD Roms available.

    The ESL Links Site -  resources for ESL students and teachers (English grammar, listening, vocabulary, quizzes, tests, books, CDs, tapes)

    Language Learning Lab -  University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign - foreign language resources and links

    On Your Marks -  English for primary and secundary schools teacher's resources, civilization, grammar, worksheets, forum.

    Pam's ESL Classroom -  Free ESL music, worksheets and lesson plans.

    Teach Children ESL -  Free worksheets, games, flash cards and more for those who teach ESL to children. -  free materials for teachers of English and Turkish as a foreign language, coursebook evaluations, ELT materials, papers on ELT, private Turkish and English tutors, constructivism, grammar games, language activities, linguistics presentations, language courses, grammar, listening, reading and writing activities, etc.


Language courses

    English Language Centre, United Kingdom -  ELT training, a choice of established international courses, the most up-to-date courses in the U.K.

    Gatlin International -  Online courses, training, distance learning. - Gatlin International’s contains the world’s largest collection of online continuing education classes.

    GOtoED English School Directory -  find an English language school or course in Australia, US, Canada, UK and other English speaking countries.

    TEFL / TESOL teacher training, London UK -  TEFL / TESOL Certificate and Diploma Courses in Central London, UK. British Council accredited language school..

    TEFL Courses -  TEFL course admissions service for internationally recognised TEFL courses, such as the Cambridge CELTA & Trinity Cert TESOL.

    TESOL Online -  TESOL Course & International TESOL Certification with online TEFL TESOL training offers online TEFL course and TEFL certification. Also provides TESOL course and TESOL certification with online training and job help.

    Exam English -  Free practice tests for TOEFL, IELTS, BULATS and other ESL exams.

    Cactus Education -  leading UK educational consultants offering placements for foreign students at univeristies and boarding schools in the UK.

    Pass English Exams -  a suite of software for students preparing for the Cambridge exams FCE, Advanced, Proficiency and BEC. Each program contains over 500 exercises in grammar, reading, listening and writing. 5 'mock' exams and a 5,000-word exam-specific multilingual audio dictionary are also included. Demo versions can be downloaded from the site.

    Target Global Campus -  dedicated to providing current and continuously updated distance learning solutions using the most educationally sound online learning and computer based training available.

    Free ESL Classes in Ottawa -  learn English as a second language at the best ESL schools in Ottawa, Canada. All levels from beginner to advanced, TOEFL preparation, LINC, TSE and computer classes. Professionally qualified teachers provide a caring and fun atmosphere. Daycare is also available.

    Selfaccess - English language leaning centre -  A site designed specifically for English students. There are more than 350 online lessons available in the library. Intermediate level students and above can opt to use the Academic lessons to assist in exam preparation. The General English exercises provide listening, reading, writing and grammar exercises from elementary to advanced. A free trial is available.

    PEAK English -  The Online Interactive English School. Free membership. Personalized classes improve your English skills. Meet live teachers and students, all from your computer. Lessons, audio, games, grammar and more.

    Education Online Education -  online tutoring to ESL students.Online continuing education through e-learning - a newly launched e-learning website providing distance education. You get an Ohio University Degree by learning online. E-learning enables you to learn at your own pace, convenience and privacy.

    Virtulanguage -  Homepage of Klaus D. Orth - German and English language lessons in Japan. Also by internet messenger for any place. 12+ years teaching experience, public schools as well as private lessons..

    World Wide Learn -  a directory of online courses, accredited online degrees, distance learning, online training, and online education.

    e-ReferenceDesk - Higher Education Guide -  Find details on programs and degrees of online and campus colleges and universities, career, specialty, technical, trade and vocational schools, and junior colleges in the US and Canada..

    International TEFL Teacher Training -  Become qualified with a TEFL certificate from ITTT and open a gateway to the world, travel, teaching and your future.

    TESOL Courses -  to get you teaching English anywhere in the world. Our courses are open to everyone, no experience or qualifications needed.

    TEFL Courses -  Take weekend or online tefl courses from anywhere in the world. You could be following your dream job in your dream location by teaching English..

    Kelvin Business School -  Glasgow, Scotland, UK - provides Business MBA, MiF, MoE, MSc, HND, HNC, Combined Pre-MBA and Pre-Masters and English Language ESOL, EFL, ESL courses.

    Business English UK -  A free portal guide for English for business and professional language training purposes in the UK.

    American Global University -  Quality distance learning at both undergraduate and graduate levels, self-paced, and at your convenience. Among other disciplinary areas, we offer degree programs in TESOL.

    English Language School -  Resources for people interested in understanding the English language better, teaching or working abroad.

    University Directory -  A comprehensive directory of all major U.S. universities and colleges. Includes information about history, academics, unique programs, student life, student statistics, admissions, athletics, and the local community for each school.

    U.S. University Directory -  An online university which offers online degrees and information on all U.S. Universities and other colleges.

    Zack Educational Services -  online tutoring to ESL students.

    A Guide to TESOL Jobs and TESOL Certification Courses -  Teach English has a wide range of information and advice on subjects like TEFL/TESOL certification courses, English teaching job prospects, and travel advice.

    Edmonton Colleges -  Find detailed information on colleges, schools, and universities in the Edmonton area. Includes technical, culinary, business, and various specialty schools.

    Online Degree -  Are you searching for online degree information? This site is dedicated to providing a data base for finding online degree schools and programs.

    Online College Degrees -  Online Degrees Search offers you the capability to search for online college degrees in your specific area of interest.

    4 College Degrees -  Get an accredited degree online from the comfort of your living-room..

    Online Degree Resource -  Online college degree programs focused on distance learning for the working professional.

    Direct Degree Resource -  Resource for distance learning programs and online schools. Features hundreds of courses and degrees from accredited colleges and universities for getting online degrees in English, MBA, Religious studies, etc

    Seattle Languages International -  classes and private lessons in Italian, Spanish, French, Russian, German, Japanese, Greek, Mandarin, Rumanian, Vietnamese and Arabic for adults, children and corporations in and around Seattle. ESL program to be added soon.

    Mt Roskill Grammar - Adult English Language Courses -  with a reputation for quality courses, studying English as a second language at a variety of levels, from elementary through intermediate to advanced, as well as IELTS courses and TOEFL. Academic and general English studies are provided in a relaxed atmosphere at the best prices.

    Learn Spanish -  free interactive on-line Spanish language lessons

    Study Spanish abroad -  in Guadalajara, Mexico at IMAC
Spanish in Mexico! You will find a description of daily activities we offer to make learning Spanish a unique experience. Also find our pricing list and "Spanish for specific skills" program. You may start learning Spanish next Monday!

    English Language Centre, Kiev -  studying modern conversational English in Ukraine with native-speaker teachers from various English speaking countries; tests, vocabulary and other useful information

    Arabic Language -  Arabic language schools, dictionary, words and other resources about Arabic.

    Estudiafuera: Spanish in Spain -  We want your learning experience in Spain to be fantastic and memorable. At Estudiafuera, we can achieve this!We offer semester- and year-long study abroad programs, Spanish language courses, and specialized, targeted Spanish for specific purposes. Our Spanish language courses offer academic credit from Spanish universities and colleges, and are chosen from among the best in Spain.

    TEFL International -  TESOL courses, TEFL courses, English teaching courses.

    Find a Tutor -  a place for students and tutors to meet online. The project is non-profit and free to all students, tutors, teachers, educators, tutoring agencies and any other online visitors.

    E-Learners -  a key to online learning (discussions, FAQ, articles and resources)

    Séjour linguistique USA -  Séjour linguistique et cours de langues a` l’étranger - ESL séjours linguistiques

    Italienisch Sprachschulen -  Englisch Sprachschulen. Lerne Englisch an einer englischen Sprachschule


    Language translation services -  high quality and affordable translation services from and to almost all languages of the world.

    Wolfestone Translation -  A dynamic company providing competitively priced, top quality translations for all sectors including engineering, business, medicine, science and the legal profession.

    Alboum language translation service -  Business document translation. All languages supported. Free quote.

    Multilingual, Legal & Technical Translation and Localization Services -  Cipherion is a translation agency in Ireland, that offers various translation & localization services including legal, medical, multilingual & technical translation services.

    English to Portuguese -  BB Portuguese provides English to Portugese translation services with 100% satisfaction guarantee.

    Language translation services in New Zealand and Australia -  translations from English and other European languages into Asian, Arabic or Hebrew languages.

    Language Translation Service -  excellence in Spanish, French, German, English and multiple language translation services with outstanding translators, affordable rates and guaranteed satisfaction.

    Translation Services -  Translation company Lingo24 offers great language translation services on the web.

    English to Russian and Russian to English Translations -  Professional translation services in all major areas between the Russian and English languages; includes technical translations, website and software localization, and business/personal correspondence.

    Language Translation -  Translation agency providing the highest quality translation service in all languages across a wide spectrum of subjects.

    French, Russian, German, English translation -  Translation company in Dallas. Text and document translation from and into Russian, English, German, French and more languages..

    Russian Linguist Agency -  a team of qualified Russian to English and English to Russian translators specializing in Russian translation services.

    Accurate English to Russian Translation UK -  translation service by native, specialist Russian translators for businesses and individuals. Competitive rates, custom packages, friendly service, based in the UK.

    DG Translations - Global Translations Solutions -  Solving Spanish Translation Challenges - a global Spanish translation agency with a highly qualified & professional Spanish translator team.

    Albanian Translation -  Quality translation services in Albania .

    BeTranslated -  Professional translators offering technical and commercial translation services in English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, German..

    Russian Translation Services -  Translation from English to Russian and from English to Ukrainian. Free instant price estimator on site. Free quotation.

    Translation Software -  translation tools, software, dictionaries, voice translators and language learning programs. Excellent customer service and support.

    Spanish-English Translations -  Spanish Translation agency: English-Spanish translations. Localization & technical translations. Translations from-into Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

    Trusted Translations -  a leading service provider of English - Spanish translation services.

    Verbatim Solutions -  free translation services.

    Portuguese Translation -  Professional Portuguese/English translation services by Green Crescent Translations.


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Links of various interests

    Good English Good Job -  a network of Business English trainers who help learners with good English to find good jobs.

    Diana's Place - Hot Potatoes Games and Quizzes -  interactive exercises and games.

    Vocabulary Builder -  build vocabulary with flash cards, dynamic test and games, for SAT, TOEFL, GMT, GRE and more.

    A Note on American English -  vocabulary and notes by Peter Burden - WWlib

    History of the English Language -  and facts about the main English speaking countries.

    Fiction Channel -  literary and non-fiction texts for reading; short stories, essays, poetry, lyrics to music, etc. -  ESL jobs and ESL resources for English teachers. -  the London site for Students of English, Au Pairs and Visitors, offering English courses and Resources, Budget Excursions and London Information.

    Teach English Worldwide -  A guide to TESOL jobs and TESOL certification courses with a wide range of information and advice on subjects like TEFL / TESOL certification courses, English teaching job prospects, and travel advice.

    Kids ESL textbooks -  Children ESL textbooks for ages 8 - 12.

    Campus Books -  Used textbooks, college & medical textbooks, compare book prices. Compare textbook prices on new and used college textbooks. Use the bookbag to compare prices on all of your books at once. Sell textbooks with our textbook buyback service.

    Idioms and Vocabulary Textbook -  for advanced ESL students who are serious about improving their comprehension and usage of idiomatic English. Check out the website to view a sample chapter.

    Education Directory -  The education portal allows prospective students to search for schools by state or by degree type. Find hundreds of original articles about the schools and various career possibilities.

    Open Online Education Network -  Online distance education website directory, the site also hosts forums and provides news in online education.

    Student study -  a collection of links to a variety of resources geared towards students, including a searchable directory and thematic channels.

    Cross Cultural Communication -  Cross cultural awareness and communication training, language tuition and translation services for the UK.

    ESL Job Search -  ESL, TEFL and TESOL teaching overseas jobs. International ESL job classified positions from Taiwan, Japan, Korea, China, UAE and Europe. We will endeavour to be the best Internet source to assist teachers and English language institutions globally. -  the web's first vertical search portal for ESL/EFL job seekers. Our spider crawls job boards across the internet, indexing their postings and making them searchable. The result is a one-stop search that gives you access to thousands of vacancies posted on multiple job boards. -  EFLsoft develops software to help learners of English to assume responsibility for vocabulary learning.

    ESL Teachers Board -  View and post ESL job offers and resumes.

    Vocabulary Games - has elementary English vocabulary games and activities with some help for Spanish students.

     Online Degree Programs by Directory of Schools -  for college and university students seeking online degrees via Distance Education Programs in the USA or Canada

    Spanish Tapes -  Learn how to speak Spanish fluently with an effective home study course. Available on cassettes, CDs or in MP3 format.

    A* Proofreading and Editing Services -  Professional proofreading and editing services by published writer, competitively priced. Free sample edit for all, plus discounts for all students. ESL students welcome. No \'middlemen\'! I\'ll check and correct grammar, spelling and basic facts, and you\'ll always know what changes have been made and where.

    Academic Stores -  a broad range of Adobe, Macromedia, Riverdeep academic software for colleges, universities and K-12 schools.

     The Storyteller - making words work – educational links, resources, student activities, etc.

    Homework Help -  Our 1400+ Master's/PhD-holding experts offer 24/7 and instant expert homework help, essay writing help, and study guides on more than 42 subjects.

    Career Education -  an online directory of career education, college, school, and university info.

    University Essays -  a guide on how to write university essays, courseworks, assignments and dissertations.

    Essay-Lab: custom essays writing -  offers a writing service for research papers and college essays for students worldwide.

    Essay Info -  Essay writing center. Guide to efficient college writing.

    Custom Essay -  Custom Essay offers custom essays or college term papers on any topic - only $8.95 per page.

    Essay Town - writes college essays, research papers, and book reports for students on all academic subjects.

    Custom Essay Writing Service - Custom writing service for high school, college, and university students. Selective font face option, five delivery modes. Originality and authenticity guaranteed.

    Term Papers Specialist -  offers writing services for custom term papers relevant to school and college students.

    Term Papers Corner -  provides greatest help to students and professionals alike online. We offer customized term papers, research papers, book reports, essays of every kind, theses, biographies and also assistance in writing. We guarantee authentic work within your deadlines at the lowest possible rate.

    Juniors -  Primary online education with interactive activities in English, maths, science – e-lessons, homework help, educational games, J-world, etc.

    Degree Info -  a distance learning and online learning discussion group and information portal; online college degree, accredited degree for MBA, computer science. -  Vietnamese - English - French online dictionary

    ESL International Dazzlynn Magazine -  This fresh and fun publication combines excellent, practical and educational articles from Canadian students, educators and advertisers as well as International students sharing their Canadian experience.

    Forum of English Language Teachers - Morocco -  Looking for colleagues from all over the world to represent and spread the aims and ideas of the association. Any activity in close relation with the realm of teaching and learning English as a foreign language is warmly welcome.

    Online TEFL -  i-to-i is an accredited TEFL* training organisation. i-to-i trains over 4000 people every year to travel independently, by teaching English overseas.

    Wordgames / Jeux de lettres en VO – word games in English: crosswords, anagrams, word find

    Guidelines for an ESL Web Site -  a list of guidelines that should be followed if you want a 'most' effective web site

    Reading Steps -  Teaching or learning language arts for ages 9 and up.

    Degree Directory -  Advance your career with a degree from a top career school.

Further ESL links

    English Club Links -  EnglishClub.Com's list of EFL / ESL / TEFL / TESL links

    ESL Lounge -  free ESL lesson materials for teachers: grammar, worksheets, song lyrics, board games, pronunciation and more (all free and printable)

    English Links -  a list of links to various ESL / EFL sites with lots of interesting things (quizzes, lesson plans, reading, writing, listening, translation, etc.)

    English Web Guide -  find the best sites in ESL studies

    Learn English at -  Unique advice for English learners based on the experience of the authors both as learner and teacher. -  a list of recommended sites concerning grammar, reading, listening, speaking, vocabulary, and writing

    Teaching and Learning English - nearly all you need for teaching or learning English as a secondary language with a German background. It provides lesson plans, funtional word sets, grammar, sample lessons, tests, teaching strategies, TQM for teachers as well as hints to learning strategies like listening comprehension, analysing a text, summary writing, note taking, stating your opinion, self-evaluation for students of English as a secondary language from a German point of view .

    Say It in English -  Say-it-in-English offers useful, practical explanations, exercises and examples of everyday American English. Lesson sets include spelling, basic English, everyday English and intermediate English. All lessons can be seen free on our website.

    Eli's ESL Corner -  educational reference site for the family, with interactive grammar quizzes and reading comprehension worksheets for ESL students, favourite homework helpers and family fun

    Dave's ESL Café -  exercises, grammar, vocabulary, links, resources, forum, jobs,, etc.


Miscellaneous links

    All kinds of links -  not necessarily in connection with language learning or teaching (web service, business, book publishing, tourism, link exchange, etc.)


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